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In-house SMALL LNG SHIPPING training and strategy session

Posted on 12 Feb 2017 in LNG | Comments Off on In-house SMALL LNG SHIPPING training and strategy session

We provide a Complete In-house SMALL LNG SHIPPING training and strategy session for companies interested in exploring opportunities and challenges in this market. If you are looking at entering the small scale LNG shipping market, you should consider hiring us for one of these sessions, to take place in your own offices.

This is the general outline of the 2 days session (click for the PDF):
Small LNG Shipping course

Complete SMALL LNG SHIPPING strategy session: current market and opportunities. Theory and practical cases to define a complete small LNG supply chain strategy.

Understanding the small LNG supply chain and shipping aspects of a project

    • * Small LNG shipping technologies economics, evaluation and cost
    • * Recent developments in the small scale LNG shipping sector:
      • – Type C tanks and petchem ShipOwners
      • – Multi-product carriers
      • – Shale gas
      • – LNG as fuel
      • – Advances in design bring new flexibility at load and disports.
    • * Tank capacities, ship capacities, demand and seasonality
    • * Key success factors for leading players:
      • – Multiproduct carriers
      • – Building against long term T/C contracts
      • – Controlled risk
    • * New carriers in the market and opportunities in Asia
    • * South East Asia’s demand, geographical make-up and suitability of small LNG shipping
    • * LNG infrastructure to support small scale LNG shipping and distribution:
      • – Hubs and receiving terminals as market facilitators
      • – Singapore LNG terminal
      • – South China Sea
      • – Major producers in the area
    • * Europe and LNG bunkering
    • * The Caribbean small scale LNG market
    • * Global fleet of small LNG ships and availability
    • * Chartering small LNG ships
    • * Small LNG shipping contracts and project structure
      • – Types of contracts: Spot, CoA, T/C
      • – Legal implications of each one
    • * Small FSRUs and its applicability to support small scale shipping value chain
      • – FSRUs, FSUs and FLNGs
    • * Complete hands-on exercise:
      • – Supply chain design
      • – Costs calculations
      • – Logistics alternatives
      • – Applicable contracts
      • – Sample contract design and negotiations
    • * Strategic options and challenges

This will take two days, will cover most of the commercial small LNG shipping market, and can be done in English or in Spanish.

The course includes:

    • * Two full days strategic session on all commercial aspects of Small LNG Shipping in your offices
    • * Our travel expenses

    The terms and conditions are:

    • * Maximum 10 people attending per session
    • * Payment has to be done at least one month in advance of the commencement of the meeting

About the presenter

Eduardo Perez Orue

Eduardo Perez Orue

Eduardo Perez Orue is the Owner and Principal Consultant at Small LNG Shipping Consultants, his consultancy specialized in small LNG shipping.

Mr. Perez Orue has more than 24 years of experience in developing business, and managing logistics operations in the chemicals and marine transportation industry in Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, USA, and Singapore. He also has experience in managing the merger process of Maersk Norgas Gas Carriers (MNGC). He was a Business Development Manager at Lauritzen Kosan, a Denmark based firm specializing in ocean transport of gas cargoes: ethylene, propylene, butadiene and other gases.

Prior, Mr. Perez Orue was a Vice President of Commercial Global Operations at Norgas Carriers. Before, Mr. Perez Orue worked for Dow Chemical in Chartering of gases for 14 years in 4 different countries. During this time, he’s been familiar with the transportation and logistics of Petrochemicals like ethylene and propylene, small LNG and LPGs.

Mr. Perez Orue is specialized in Small Scale LNG Shipping and has been giving presentations and workshops in several conferences regarding small LNG transportation.

Download the brochure (pdf).

Pricing information

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