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Membrane or Type C tanks in small scale LNG ships?

Posted on 29 May 2017 in LNG | 0 comments

The graph above shows the percentage of small scale LNG carriers in the world that have membrane or type C tanks. The graphic takes the percentage as it is in 2000 and starts moving it year by year with the number of ships every year until we reach the expected percentage for each type of […]

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Infographic: Small scale LNG Carriers 2017

Posted on 04 Apr 2017 in LNG | 0 comments

For the third year in a row, we’ve updated our Infographic on Small Scale LNG carriers for 2017, a snapshot on the state of the art of the small scale LNG shipping market. Plenty of interesting things to note in this infographic. The main one? That the market is growing, steadily. Note: if you are […]

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Who is interested in small scale LNG?

Posted on 24 Mar 2017 in LNG | 0 comments

We like playing with numbers. And this time we took the data of all our subscribers to our newsletter on small scale LNG shipping (about 1800 people right now) and looked at where they are coming from. Below you will find those subscribers grouped by their country code. As you can see, the biggest countries […]

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In-house SMALL LNG SHIPPING training and strategy session

Posted on 12 Feb 2017 in LNG | 0 comments

We provide a Complete In-house SMALL LNG SHIPPING training and strategy session for companies interested in exploring opportunities and challenges in this market. If you are looking at entering the small scale LNG shipping market, you should consider hiring us for one of these sessions, to take place in your own offices. This is the […]

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Small LNG app for Android

Posted on 15 Feb 2016 in LNG | 0 comments

We are launching a brand new app for android phones. The new Small LNG App will bring the world of small lng shipping to your phone. The app has the following options: The main page will reflect our web page Live Map is a Real Time small LNG carriers position map. All the small LNG […]

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Small Scale LNG Carriers 2016 – Infographic

Posted on 11 Dec 2015 in LNG | 0 comments

The Small LNG 2016 Infographic shows the most relevant parameters of the Small scale LNG Shipping Market in 2016: Who the players are, the size of the fleet, the different technologies used and so on. Feel free to use it in your publications, but please publish in full and with a link to the Small-LNG […]

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