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Interactive chart: small size LNG shipping market

Posted on 23 Jul 2015 in LNG | Comments Off on Interactive chart: small size LNG shipping market

There is a lot of information in this interactive chart: all the small size LNG carriers ever built of a size below 40,000 cbms each. They are grouped by year, size and Ship Owner. Also, the size of the bubble indicates how many sister ships were built of that ship that year. And finally, the color indicates the area in which the ships are or will be trading.

All the data is obtained from our database on small LNG carriers, which you can get for free (yes, you have to subscribe).

As you can see, the market has evolved in size, variety and volume. 2016 will be the year of small LNG!

Note: In order to make it more clear, we removed from the graph the Seagas (1974) and the Kayoh Maru (1988).