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Do you have a new small scale LNG project? Looking for the best and most optimal shipping solution for your small scale LNG distribution?

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Traditionally, the transportation of LNG has been done in big LNG carriers that move the product in the most economical way from the producers. LNG is then re-distributed via pipelines to the final users. But the same that other energy sources have been changing the way they are transported over the years, there are changes in the LNG distribution and transportation that make it feasible and even economical (specially if we take into account the whole of the supply chain) to move small LNG parcels with the use of Small LNG carriers (SSLNG), able to get closer to the final customer.

Due to the changes in the way energy is consumed and the increase in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) movements, we see clear opportunities for the development of Small LNG Carriers and barges that would help in the following ways:

There is a small fleet of small scale LNG ships in the market today designed with sizes between  1,000  to 40,000 cbms and able to transport LNG, ethylene, butadiene, propylene and LPGs. The size of what is considered a small LNG carrier comes given by the technology used: the smaller ships use IMO type C tanks, which are best suitable and economical for ships of those sizes. This makes more logical the use of Ship Owners with previous experience in the ethylene and ethane transportation segment, since they are more familiar with the technology and the requirements of smaller ships.

That might be the reason why most small LNG carriers today are in fact owned by Ship Owners coming from an ethylene transportation background and not from traditional “big LNG” Owners.

LNG requirements are minus 168 deg C, compared to the minus 104 deg. C of the Ethylene, so these ships will be extraordinarily capable of transporting all the alternative products once they are prepared for it.

This design is a basic one that can be modified and adapted to different needs and sizes. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any related project or you would like us to look at the best solution for your small ship LNG transportation.

What do you need to know before you decide what ship you need?

Information requirements

Before starting negotiations with Ship Owners, you have to fully understand some of the possible restrictions:

Also, before talking to the Owners, would be important to have a detailed analysis of product flows over time, tank capacities, ship’s capacities and alternatives scenarios. A multi-variant scenario that reflects the alternatives and risks associated over time.

Analysis of transportation alternatives:

Each one of the options has advantages and disadvantages:

So what do we suggest ?

Small scale LNG Shipping

Hire us as consultants to help you in the process. You would lower substantially your costs and increase your chances of success.

Why us ?

Mr. Eduardo Perez has more than 25 years of experience in the petrochemical industry. Among other positions he’s worked for:

All in all, we have plenty of applicable experience, having worked on both a Ship Owner and on a Charterer.

In-House Strategy Sessions on Small LNG Shipping

The sooner we are involved in a project, the sooner we can start optimizing it

World Fleet of Small LNG carriers

The updated fleet list is now part of LNG icu. Please visit it

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Our small scale LNG shipping services

How can we help you in your Small Scale Shipping Strategy?  These are some of the services we provide:

Brokering and Consulting Services in Small LNG Shipping

We can provide following shipping consultancy and brokering services:

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