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Do you have a question about Small LNG shipping ? What ships are used ? Who are the players ? Where in the world is this already happening ? What is the world fleet of Small LNG carriers ? How many ships are there ? Who is building them ?

We offer quick short telephone consultations for people interested in asking us questions about Small Scale LNG Shipping.

These consultations are one-on-one quick telephone consultations. You can book a phone consultation below:

Phone consultation


  • Up to 1 hour of single phone consultation

  • A longer discussion on Small LNG shipping

  • We call you

  • Private and confidential

In-house training


  • 2 working days in-house strategy session

  • In your own offices

  • Full coverage small LNG market

  • Private and confidential

More consultation


  • As needed

  • Projects and detailed regular consultations

  • Phone, videocalls and in-house

  • Private and confidential

All consultations are private and confidential. We will confirm the time via email and will call you at the agreed time.

During the consultation we will try to answer all your questions regarding the Small Scale LNG shipping market and the players in it.

These quick consultations are also a great way to see if our services might work for you for longer term services.

Simply click in one of the “Buy buttons above. You will be able to pay immediately with a credit card. Once we receive the confirmation we will get in contact with you to arrange for a date and a time to call you and talk on the phone about small scale LNG shipping.


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