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Small LNG Carrier Optimal Size Calculator

Are you trying to figure out what is the right vessel size for your small scale LNG project?

This is a very simple tool that will allow you to find out what is the optimal size of a ship that can move all the volume of LNG needed.

Simply enter all the data regarding vessel’s capabilities, volumes to be moved and distances, and you will get a number of days of employment for the ship. If you have too many or too few days, you would have to adjust the size of the small LNG carrier to a point where the total number of days gets close to 365 days a year.

Play with it, you will find that it is a simple and useful tool to optimize the size of the vessel needed for your project.

For more complex situations, with more ports involved, restrictions, several ships, and so on, you can always hire us. We are small scale LNG shipping consultants and we can help you to find the optimal scenario for your small scale LNG project.

You can also watch our tutorial on how to use it:


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