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How can we help you in your Small Scale Shipping Strategy?  These are some of the services we provide:

Brokering and Consulting Services in Small LNG Shipping

We can provide following shipping consultancy and brokering services:

  • Ship brokers for small LNG ships
  • Assistance in the negotiation of small scale LNG shipping contracts: SNP, T/C and others
  • Help designing the whole supply chain of the project.
  • Advice and help regarding the inclusion of shipping aspects in the project.
  • Supply Chain analysis of alternative scenarios: one or several ships / bigger or smaller
  • Influence of shipping in the decision of storage tanks’ size and minimum inventory levels over time. Factors to consider: seasonability of demand, distance, ship’s tank capacity, others.
  • Help identifying and contacting Ship Owners interested in the project. Also visiting and meeting all of them.
  • Analyzing all the different alternatives and suggestions regarding tonnage being offered and ship’s characteristics and capabilities. Most importantly, helping deciding what is NOT necessary in a ship.
  • Help organising a tender or a multi-proposal or a one-to-one negotiation scheme with the ShipOwners interested in taking part in the project.
  • Help receiving, comparing and analysing the offers received.
  • Help analysing and discussing all the clauses and charter parties of the contracts, and the terms and conditions of them.
  • Help and assistance organizing the internal organizational structure of the company to manage the daily operation of the ship(s) and / or assistance designing a deal for the outsourcing of such work to the ShipOwner or broker.
  • Advising on potential employees or subcontractors that might be able to help in the project or in other shipping related projects.
  • Strategy analysis and training in small scale LNG shipping for Ship Owners and Charterers.

What do you need?

Phone consultation


  • Up to 1 hour of single phone consultation

  • Ask your questions about Small LNG shipping

  • We call you

  • Private and confidential

In-house training

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  • 2 working days in-house strategy session

  • In your own offices

  • Full coverage small LNG market

  • Private and confidential

Full consultation


  • As needed

  • Projects and detailed regular consultations

  • Phone, videocalls and in-house

  • Private and confidential



  • If you need to

  • Time Charter in or out a small LNG carrier

  • Buy or sell a small LNG carrier

  • Private and confidential

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