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How can we help you in your Small Scale Shipping Strategy?  These are some of the services we provide:

Consulting Services in Small LNG Shipping

We can provide following shipping consultancy services:

  • Help designing the whole supply chain of the project:
  • Advice and help regarding the inclusion of shipping aspects in the project.
  • Matrix analysis of alternative scenarios: one or several ships / bigger or smaller
  • Influence of shipping in the decision of storage tanks’ size and minimum inventory levels over time. Factors to consider: seasonability of demand, distance, ship’s tank capacity, others.
  • Help identifying and contacting broker(s) for the project. Also assistance in negotiating the broker fees. Also visiting and meeting them.
  • Help identifying and contacting Ship Owners interested in the project. Also visiting and meeting all of them.
  • Together with the broker and the Ship Owners, analysing all the different alternatives and suggestions regarding tonnage being offered and ship’s characteristics and capabilities. Most importantly, helping deciding what is NOT necessary in a ship.
  • Help organising a tender or a multi-proposal or a one-to-one negotiation scheme with the ShipOwners interested in taking part in the project.
  • Help receiving, comparing and analysing the offers received.
  • Help negotiating the shipping contracts.
  • Help analysing and discussing all the clauses and charter parties of the contracts, and the terms and conditions of them.
  • Help and assistance organizing the internal organizational structure of the company to manage the daily operation of the ship(s) and / or assistance designing a deal for the outsourcing of such work to the ShipOwner or broker.
  • Advising on potential employees or subcontractors that might be able to help in the project or in other shipping related projects.


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