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Membrane or Type C tanks in small scale LNG ships?

Posted on 29 May 2017 in LNG | Comments Off on Membrane or Type C tanks in small scale LNG ships?

Type C tanks vs Membrane tanks

The graph above shows the percentage of small scale LNG carriers in the world that have membrane or type C tanks. The graphic takes the percentage as it is in 2000 and starts moving it year by year with the number of ships every year until we reach the expected percentage for each type of tank in 2021.

So, the graph in 2000 looks like this:

And the graph in 2021 will look like:

Clearly, there is a trend to move towards Type C tanks in the smaller ships. There are many reasons for this, and we can surely help you understanding it in one of our seminars (link).

But probably the most important lesson here is that both technologies have pros and cons. Each one is the best possible one for some projects, but not for others. So do not simply follow the trend, you have to understand the reasons and the benefits of them.